New RSE Software JennaRelease

More from Jenna64bit, who has been steadily contributing a trove of software ports for SGUG’s RSE repos.

Once you have the Repo installed you can easily install the JennaPackages with the tdnf (tiny dnf) package which comes with RSE 0.0.7. Below is an example of installation and a list of some of the JennaReleases you can find on the repo now.

$ sudo tdnf install icebreaker

SDL                      mips         1.2.15-48.sgug 448.95k 459725
SDL_mixer                mips         1.2.12-18.sgug 247.96k 253910
icebreaker               mips         2.2.1-1 309.54k 316974

Total installed size: 1006.45k 1030609
Is this ok [y/N]: y

SDL                                     219384   100%
SDL_mixer                               122085   100%
icebreaker                              183280   100%
Testing transaction
Running transaction
Installing/Updating: SDL-1.2.15-48.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: SDL_mixer-1.2.12-18.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: icebreaker-2.2.1-1.mips


Enjoy icebreaker on your SGI:

Screen Shot 2022 04 17 at 4 29 17 PM$ 


Here is a list of some recent releases by Jenna64bit:

There is more, you can explore by listing out all the packages on the RSE repo:

$ sudo tdnf --refresh list 

Enjoy all 5775 packages available from RSE 0.0.7 today!

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