RSE 0.0.7 Released

Miss Moneypenny brings us 442 commits, with 154 new packages added. The full list may be found in the change log.

There were 7 committers (Hammy, HAL, Unxy, Mach, J16bit, Massive, bplaa.yai) who have brought us a total of 1124 binary RPMs to install (up from 823).

Some honourable mentions:

tdnf and microdnf enable local repo selective installations
barrier – the currently maintained mouse and keyboard sharing successor to “synergy”
vala – IRIX gets a new programming language with integrated GTK bindings
An RSE entry in the IRIX catalogue for packages that provide launchers
GTK3 and dbus make an appearance!

Now, off you go and install, and do be careful, James.

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