SGIdev / User Group – Modern IRIX

What is the SGI User Group and the SGIdev Network?

  • SGI UG is a community of like-minded SGI enthusiasts interested in using SGI systems in a modern computing context.
  • It’s also a place to hack and work on porting modern software to work on recent versions of IRIX
  • Finally, it’s a place to find out eveyything about SGI systems, IRIX and general retro-computing

There are three main ways to interact with SGIdev/UG:

SGIdev website has ready to go binaries of GCC for IRIX as well as in-depth directions on installing IRIX, porting software and working with some of the particularities of this retro distribution of UNIX. Visit here first.

Then there is a Discord channel for real-time questions, discussion and hacking IRIX using GNU tool-chains or the legendary MIPSPro compiler.

The SGI User Group has a full forum for longer term postings, trades, and sales of SGI and other gear as well as some how-tos and collections of software links around the web.

Come by today and enjoy or find your SGI.

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